Family operated since 1984!

Our History

Push’em Station in Mead has a family atmosphere where customers are greeted with a warm welcome to Southeastern Oklahoma. The history of the store is incorporated into the name and murals on the walls. When good water was scarce, people came in their Model A or Model T to get water from the well across the street. The sand around the well was so deep that people had to push their vehicles out. The store offers a full range of food including delicious BBQ, drinks, groceries, has a dining area, and a car wash next door.

Our Legacy

Donny Simmons built his business with the mentality of staying relevant and continually innovating. In 2009 he had just debuted a new 5,000-square-foot convenience store across the street on Highway 70 in Mead called Push ‘Em Station.   

The new store featured 20 cooler doors, a beer cave, a fountain and frozen beverage wall with 20 heads, a F’real milkshake machine, eight varieties of hot coffee, 10-plus cappuccinos, iced and frozen coffee, as well as a variety of foodservice options including Noble Roman’s Pizza and Tuscano’s Italian Style Subs. These days, while some things remain the same, Simmons continues to innovate.